• What does being an OHL Group volunteer mean?

    Becoming a volunteer means offering your help, company and support to persons with different capacities, at a risk of social exclusion.

  • What will volunteership offer?

    It will provide you with awareness of the various social realities that exist, offering you personal enrichment and participating in unique social projects.

  • For how long do I need to be a volunteer?

    For as long as you want or for the time you are available.

  • What is OHL’s Volunteer group?

    Voluntarios OHL consists of employees belonging to different OHL Group companies, whose aim is to carry out and participate in charitable projects and campaigns, always with continuous support from the Social Action Service.

  • Is it mandatory to participate in all activities?

    Membership of the volunteer group entails your collaboration and participation in those activities you are interested in or available for.

  • Who participates in the volunteership program?

    OHL’s Volunteership Program welcomes all OHL Group employees who wish to participate, along with their relatives and friends.

  • Can relatives and/or friends join?


  • May I propose ideas to create new volunteership actions?

    All employees may propose ideas to improve the activity of Voluntarios OHL. OHL has the necessary means of communication in place to ensure that all its employees are informed of its campaigns, including the budget and necessary support to be able to launch as many initiatives as possible.

  • Can I apply for information without undertaking any commitment?

    Any type of doubt on volunteership may be resolved by addressing

  • How can I participate?

    By contacting OHL Group’s Social Action Service in order to enroll on any campaigns underway (

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