OHL celebrates INGESAN Volunteer Day for Equal Opportunities

1 Sep 2017

Coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day, on June 5th, OHL Volunteers organized, in collaboration with OHL Servicios-Ingesan and the Adecco Foundation, the Corporate Volunteer Day for Equal Opportunities, with the objective of promoting the full social integration of disadvantaged groups, in a context of respect and care of the natural environment and biodiversity.

More than a hundred people were able to enjoy this initiative, including employees of OHL Services-Ingesan and groups at risk or situation of social vulnerability, beneficiaries of the programs of Grupo 5, which took place last Saturday June 3rd in the Environmental Room of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

José Antonio de Cachavera, CEO of OHL Servicios and one of the participants in the Corporate Volunteering for Equal Opportunities, highlighted the need to "promote values ​​such as integration, equality and solidarity." Also, María Teresa Ruiz, director of the day center and work rehabilitation center of Grupo 5, stressed that "thanks to actions like this, the road to integration becomes reality."

The event, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of people with different disabilities or in situations of social vulnerability being able achieve equal opportunities through the promotion of employability, included various activities such as the creation of vertical orchards, the celebration of a recycling gymkana and the development of a workshop for the manufacture of natural cosmetics. 


Participants of the environmental volunteer day.

OHL Voluntarios