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DIFERENTES. Guia ilustrada sobre la diversidad y la discapacidad

On May 29, 2012, at Torre Espacio -OHL's corporate headquarters, OHL and Fundación Adecco presented the Guía Ilustrada Diferentes (An Illustrated Guide of Special People), a publication on diversity and disability as a guide for explaining what disability is to children aged between 4 and 8.

With a highly visual and graphic format, the guide presents disability in a light, friendly, educational and normalizing tone. Angels Ponce, a family therapist and specialist in disabilities, and Miguel Gallardo, illustrator, authors of the guide, offer this vision through a playtime methodology, which any child can understand and which enables interaction with adults.

During the presentation of the Guide, Luis García-Linares, Corporate General Manager of the OHL Group, said that "this initiative is a supplement to the workforce integration plan that we have been implementing in conjunction with Fundación Adecco and other entities since 2006 and which, in the last three years, has enabled us to integrate into our staff 32 employees with disabilities and/or at risk of social exclusion, in one of the sectors with the greatest difficulties and barriers with respect to integration, which is precisely the case of the construction sector".

Those of us at OHL Volunteers are passing on this news item and support its dissemination on our website, where the Guide is available in a PDF format.

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